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Training your dog - and you:

Does your dog pull you out the door, down the block and across the street, slowing only to grab some inedible object off the sidewalk and play “keep away” with it?  Hopefully, that isn’t a daily occurance, but it sure isn’t fun when it happens. I can help you get control of these issues and more – and you might want to correct these behaviors before your puppy grows up and learns them!
The most common issues people need help with:
  • Walking on a loose leash
  • “Leave it”
  • “Give”
  • Coming when called
  • Sit, down, heel,
  • No jumping, countersurfing or nipping.
Beyond those basics, there are individual needs unique to every family. I'm happy to teach anything - from competition work to tricks and everything in between.

Different methods of training: No dog or family came from a cookie cutter! 

My methods:
I don’t believe that any one approach is perfect. I’ve learned many over the years, from fully correction-based to pure rewards. What it comes down to is: All dogs are different, all owners are different, and all situations are different. I prefer to work with dogs and owners who are having a great time learning together, and I structure sessions to achieve that - striving to motivate both pet and owner.

What works for your schedule?

  • Flexible system – One time or regular appointments.
  • Training at your location – the best for working on the problems you are seeing at home!
  • Watch for future Day Boarding and Training information!
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