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Pet Matching


So, you’ve decided to get a dog!

What a fun decision – and so many hurdles to conquer!
Getting a dog can be a daunting decision, and as much as you’d love to go out and grab the cutest puppy you see, it really should be done with as much information at hand as possible.
I’ve seen some pretty scary results of people bringing home the wrong dog – and I’ve had to watch some of those dogs later languish in rescues and shelters. Your dog is a lifetime commitment. Let me help make sure that it is the best match possible.

My Pet Matching service is designed for many reasons:

  • To make sure that clients find the dog who is the best possible match for them
  • To help clients see all of the options that may be open to them
  • To help clients, rescues, shelters and breeders lessen some of the paperwork burden that discourages conscientious adoptions
  • To ensure that dogs being purchased from breeders are coming from appropriate selections
  • To eliminate “impulse purchasing” that supports puppy mills

I’m also offering related services:

  • Puppy temperament testing
  • adoption home checks
  • new dog transport service

Let me help you find that “one in a million” lifetime companion!

Call for more information.
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Pet Matching
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