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Equipment Restoration

I've been fixing and resurfacing agility equipment for a few years now, and have experience working with all the currently approved surfaces for every venue. Let me know what you need!

                                         QiChi enjoying her restored A-Frame

Contact equipment resurfacing includes: 

  • Stripping all rust
  • Removing all old screws
  • Smoothing any burrs
  • Examining for welding issues (weld repairs extra)
  • Rust-inhibiting primer
  • 2 coats of high-gloss industrial black enamel paint
  • All holes caulked  
  • ½” thick edge-sanded plywood (but for indoor use only, OSB can be substituted for a discount)
  • 6 side heavy duty oil based primer
  • 2 coats flat acrylic exterior paint
  • Optional slats are beveled wood 
  • Rust resistant screws
  • All screws flush and caulked
  • All seams caulked
  • Hinges and pins smoothed and oiled
 Note - there is a 2.5% discount off of all listed prices for purchases by cash or check!

Sand paint
Sand paint with slats
Rubber granules
Rubber granules with slats
Pick up and delivery
$25 / item
Surcharge over 30 miles one way
$.50 / mile
Custom colors may have additional surcharges, or customers can provide their own paint or granules for a discount.

Other agility equipment can be repaired, also - call for quotes.

                                      10" sand paint dogwalk
Circo and SnapClamp
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Equipment Restoration
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