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New Agility Equipment

Call me at 612-718-1972 or email bits@connect-the-dogs.com to order!


The frame can be steel or aluminum.
The surface can be painted wood and sand, or wood with rubber granule skins.
Available with or without slats, all A-Frames come with chain and connectors, hinge pin and clip.

Steel is painted, aluminum is not. Paint weighs less than skins, and aluminum weighs less than steel.

Steel/wood/slatless                $825
Steel/wood/slats                    $850
Steel/granules/slatless            $875
Steel/granules/slats                $925
Aluminum/wood/slatless        $1025
Aluminum/wood/slats            $1050
Aluminum/granules/slatless    $1075
Aluminum/granules/slats        $1125

Clip n' Go Jump Cup Strips: 
Can be shipped!  Fits on PVC uprights, set of 2, includes screws. $14.50

Foot Boards:
 Can be shipped! Approximately 2" high, and 11" square, these boards are surfaced in a rubber granule skin. You can use these inexpensive boards to teach foot placement, tricks, familiarity with granules, or use in rehabilitation. $20

: Built to help train NADAC gate work, these gates are also great for teaching a dog to go around and for turns.
Competition size: 3'x4' - $50 each, or $47 each if you buy 4 or more.
Training size: 2'x3' - $42 each or $40 each if you buy 4 or more.

NADAC style hoops. Can be hung flat or stacked against a wall. $35 each or $33 each if you buy 4 or more.

Jump Bumps: PVC, 36" long. Set of four 4" = $30. Set of four 6" - $45

Weighted Jumps:
Made with Clip and Go jump cups, these jumps come with one bar and have weighted bases to make it easier to use them on windy days. $56 each, or $52 each if you buy 4 or more.

Economy Jump Kits - able to ship! These kits come with everything you need except PVC cement to make 2 uprights (as below) and a 4' jump bar. Includes Clip n' Go Jump cups strips. $36, plus shipping costs.

Wing attachment kits for the Economy Jumps! (jump not included - but this shows how it clips on)

$25 each set of 2. Can be shipped!

 Can be shipped! A Connect the Dogs invention! These trick training platforms come with 2 interchangable height posts and 2 different size tops. See how many things your dog can do with one! $45

Tight Turn Trainer (T3): Weighted bottom for stability. Use this to shape tighter turns. $17

Table: Sturdy PVC base, sturdy 36" removable top. Top can be paint/sand or granule skin. All heights from 2" to 16".
Sand - $80
Skin - $90
Additional height bases: $25 each.

Steel base. (Working on an aluminum one, but I want PERFECT!)
Sand/paint - $500
Rubber granules - $545

Travel Planks: For teaching your dog contact work anywhere and everywhere! Sand and paint surface, handle.
4' - $55


Weave Barriers: Can Be Shipped! 
Set of 6 gates to place over feet of weave poles to encourage fast and accurate weaving. $35 per set.


Weave Guides: Can Be Shipped! Set of 5, for a set of 6 weave poles. Encourages the dog to stay close to the weaves while learning the skill. $33

Weave Poles:
  All weaves have 24" spacing.  Weave poles come with lots of choices.

PVC is cheapest and lightest weight. I weight the feet, and they can be staked, but there is a 3/4" base for the dog to step over. PVC comes in 6 pole lengths that can
be attached for a 12' whole.

Steel is flat, sturdy, rarely has to be staked, but is heavy. Steel comes painted and the running surface has a skid-proof sand paint. This is what you'll see at competitions.

Aluminum is flat, won't rust, is lightweight, can be staked, but is the most expensive. The running surface is painted with a skid-proof sand paint.

Steel and aluminum come in 2 or 6 pole bases, and are sand-painted for traction and rust-prevention. All come with ground stakes, and taped 40" PVC poles. There is a bit of a price break if you buy enough to build a whole set of 12.

                                            discount price for
                                              full set of 12
PVC  6 poles           $80             $155

Steel 2 poles           $85              $500
Steel 6 poles           $180            $350

Aluminum 6 poles    $190            $370

Wobble Boards: Comes with its very own softball to provide some wobble!
30" - $36
36" - $42

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