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 Call me at 612-718-1972 or email bits@connect-the-dogs.com to order!

NEW! Made to Barn Hunt Association specifications, Barn Hunt Rat Tubes! 

$26 each, or a set of 3 for $75. Can be shipped!


Barn Hunt Training Tubes! Clear and Clouded

Clear $43. Clouded $43.50. Set of 1 each - $85

Barn Hunt Awards
Barn Hunt RATCH awards! Something for your competitors to get signed at the trial! Available only at Connect the Dogs.  There are price discounts for clubs wishing to stock up. Be one of the first clubs to offer this perk! Or, buy one for yourself if you missed out in the past! Buy one to celebrate a championship earned by a friend!

$11 each.  Bulk pricing available for clubs. Can be shipped!

FNF tool! Use to train perfect fronts and finishes. Folds flat for storage (under a sofa works great). Wings are removable. Adjustable for any size dog. 

Just stand at the X, facing in the direction of the arrow - call your dog, and reward for sitting between the poles!
$40 each, can be shipped with minimal assembly needed. 

Tricks and Footwork Training Perch
Comes with 2 sizes of tops, and two height adjusters. 

$45 each. Can be shipped!

Call me at 612-718-1972 or email bits@connect-the-dogs.com to order!
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